BFGoodrich Tires, the company that created the first all-terrain tyre in 1976 and a subsidiary of Michelin, today launched its tyre product line for trucks and buses in South Africa. The BFGoodrich Truck portfolio will feature commercial truck and bus tyres that cover highway, regional and on/off-road applications. This broad range of products will be sold through a strong network of specialised dealers.

“BFGoodrich is delighted to bring our truck and bus tyre offer to the South African market, which plays an important part in our global growth story,” said Franck Sire, Marketing Director for Michelin Tyre Company South Africa. “By introducing the BFGoodrich truck and bus tyre line in the region, we are confident to meet the growing needs of local customers who demand international quality, reliable and robust tyres at an affordable price.”

Tyre offer for every type of use

BFGoodrich will be offering its first truck tyre patterns in the region, which are mainly manufactured in Europe; the BFGoodrich ROUTE CONTROL and BFGoodrich CROSS CONTROL.

  • The BFGoodrich ROUTE CONTROL truck tyre is designed specifically for regional and highway use, offering an even tread wear for end-users in and out of the city because it:
    – Fights irregular wear by optimising the contact patch and pressure distribution.
    – Minimizes sidewall damage and abrasion, especially on dual fitment.
    – Protects from road hazard damage with a reinforced crown.
  • The BFGoodrich CROSS CONTROL truck tyre is designed specifically for both on-road and off-road use, offering end-users a durable and cut-resistant product performance for the most demanding usage conditions which:

– Ensures high grip from new to worn-out stage with an aggressive block tread pattern.
– Maximizes the casing life with the help of an additional protective crown ply.
– Reduces the risk of damage and downtime with a special anti-cut and chip tread.


About BFGoodrich Tires

With more than 100 years of heritage, BFGoodrich Tires is dedicated to providing high performance tyres for those who have a passion for driving in virtually any environment. Combining technical expertise with 40 years of motorsports experience, BFGoodrich Tires offers a full range of tyres for trucks, buses and commercial light trucks, as well as for passenger cars and 4×4 vehicles, with one common theme – extreme performance.