On the 19th of April we shared a discussion on a near horror incident at an intersection as well as a discussion on how this incident could have been prevented. The very next day we were fortunate that some vigilance saved ourselves from a collision at an intersection in Bloemfontein. A glance to the right side made us attentive to a truck that crossed 3 seconds after our traffic light turned green.

This is why we find information on the Arrive Alive website about the need for defensive driving. We sadly cannot assume safety and that others will all obey the Rules of the road!

We would also like to share some important insights from our friends at Hollard Highways heroes on the below video and how such an incident could have been prevented!

What do you observe as the unsafe driving behaviour in this scenario?

1. Too much speed on the entry of this intersection
2. The lack of anticipation of possible changes in the moving hazards up ahead
3. Lack of Observation techniques
4. Lack of focus on what is happening up ahead
5. A real possibility that the driver of this truck was distracted at a critical time

How could this have been prevented?

1. Defensive Driver Training for the driver
2. Regular in-cab assessment of the driver’s habits to correct
3. Application of the RADAR system of Defensive driving (Read, Assess, Decide, Action and Rules)
4. Applying well-practiced observation techniques
5. Managing speed and space – a must have in your training module
6. By increasing following distance

What are the most important aspects for truck drivers to remember about safety at intersections?

1. Please slow down well in advance
2. Always expect the unexpected
3. Heighten your vigilance at intersections
4. Keep an eye out for, or watch what other road users are doing
5. Follow due process at intersections as most accidents happen there

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