Afrirent, a leading, Black owned provider of fleet management solutions, is pleased to announce its continuation to deliver additional replacement vehicles to Johannesburg Water (Joburg Water) as part of its City of Johannesburg (COJ) fleet management contract.

The contract includes the supply of replacement vehicles to various departments, including the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, City Power, and Joburg Water and other user departments within the city, ensuring the provision of much-needed services such as electricity, water, emergency response, and policing to the residents of

These vehicles will play a crucial role in supporting Joburg Water’s mission to provide essential services such as water infrastructure maintenance and installations to the residents of Johannesburg.

The vehicles delivered to the City of Johannesburg will comprise a mix of trucks, sedans, bakkies, and light application vehicles, equipped with Afrirent’s cutting-edge Afritracker telematics system.

Afritracker, an advanced vehicle tracking and monitoring system, offers a range of benefits for fleet management. It provides real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, ensuring accurate location monitoring. Equipped with a built-in GPS receiver and GSM interface, the system facilitates seamless communication and data transmission. It enables both online and offline tracking of vehicles. This data is transmitted to the vehicle tracking server via wireless networks, ensuring efficient monitoring and management of fleet operations. With Afritracker, businesses can
optimise routes, monitor vehicle usage, and respond promptly to emergencies, leading to enhanced efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

In addition, the system enhances the security of vehicles, ensuring the safety and protection of assets.
“At Afrirent, we recognise the importance of being a responsible and sustainable community organisation. As a business, we want to play our part in the solution. We believe that small actions can add up to make a big difference, and we are dedicated to continuously improve our operations,” states Junaid Ebrahim, Executive
for Operations at Afrirent.

By implementing Afritracker across its fleet of vehicles, the City of Joburg is experiencing significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness in delivering essential services to its residents.

Afritracker is just one of the many solutions provided by Afrirent to help organisations improve their fleet management and service delivery processes. By leveraging technology and innovation, Afrirent is helping the City of Joburg achieve its goals of delivering high-quality services to its residents and building a more efficient and
sustainable city.