Transporting loose materials to and from a construction or mining site can be time-consuming and difficult if you do not have the correct equipment to do the job. An articulated dump truck is arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need for transporting such items, and below are just some of the benefits of buying one.

The frame will not twist

Often called the ‘Arnold Schwartzenegger of trucks’, the articulated dump truck is popular because its frame will not twist, unlike rigid frame dump trucks. The options on offer for those in need of Babcock engineering services are guaranteed to hold their shape no matter how often they are used.

A heavy load carried across rough terrain on a rigid frame dump truck can cause the frame to twist and the truck to become unusable. Articulated dump trucks operate differently in that their tractor-trailer combinations allow the body and tractor units to flex separately, without the danger of the frame becoming damaged.

More manoeuvrability

Articulated dump trucks have tighter turning radiuses than rigid frame dump trucks, which means that they are easier to manoeuvre around mining and construction sites. Their large tyres, wide frame and lower centre of gravity make these trucks ideal for off-road terrains.

An articulated dump truck is easier to manoeuvre over muddy, rocky and uneven terrain, making it ideal for mining sites. These dump trucks are also the perfect choice for construction sites that may have uneven ground, and because they can move easily the drivers will not have to worry about battling to turn corners on the site.

Productivity increase possibilities

Dump truck drivers often spend hours in their trucks, driving from one area to another on sites. This means that their trucks have to be comfortable and conducive to working environments. The operator is located in the centre of the truck, which allows for a better and more clearer view of the terrain ahead.

The cab of an articulated dump truck is much bigger and some models are equipped with heated seats, air conditioning systems, user-friendly controls and the ability to actively control the ride-suspension system in order to reduce vibrations in the cab. These elements combined are sure to boost productivity among workers, as they will be comfortable and safe during their working hours.

Load impact

Articulated dump trucks have greater flexibility when it comes to the types and volumes of loads that they can carry, and their load impact is equally as impressive. However, articulated trucks may not be able to carry as much of a load as rigid frame trucks, due to their trailer sizes.

While rigid frame trucks are able to handle high impact loads, articulated trucks are able to move loads across uneven, muddy and rocky terrain without too much impact on the driver. The six-wheel-drive capabilities and greater traction allow them to transport loads with ease across very difficult terrain without danger of the load affecting the frame or the driver.

Moving loads is faster

The faster moving the dirt, the faster the project can be finished. This is possible with articulated dump trucks due to the fact that they can move across uneven terrain and the ejector system which allows for the load to be emptied while the truck is in motion.

This ejector system also allows for the operator to lay the dirt in a layer, which is more efficient than piling it as one would with a rigid frame truck. Being able to move the loads of dirt faster will allow projects to be finished faster, increasing the productivity of workers and the profit of the company. Moving loads faster also creates clearer paths for other vehicles on the construction or mining site, limiting the number of incidents that could occur.

Better drivetrains

Modern articulated dump trucks have been equipped with better drivetrains than their predecessors, which means that transmission characteristics and the gradient of the slope and the payload are matched, allowing for more stability when the truck has stopped on a slope.

The brakes on the truck are only released when there is enough torque to move the truck forward, significantly decreasing the chance of rollbacks and accidents. This feature, known as ‘hill-hold assist’ is part of the modernised drivetrains. This feature also helps the truck increase fuel efficiency because the truck can automatically detect when to choose a higher starting gear.


An articulated dump truck is an ideal choice for construction sites with uneven terrain and conditions which cause muddy roads. The frame will not twist as it would with a rigid truck, and you will be able to move loads at a much faster speed. Because the frame is able to move rather than remain rigid, you will find that the manoeuvrability of an articulated dump truck is far superior, especially when having to move around other people and vehicles on a construction or mining site.