A concerned road user sent the following email regarding some very reckless driving by a bus driver:

“Please find attached video & pictures regarding the reckless driving of City To City bus registration Nr: ZDP089GP on the N2 eastbound between Kokstad and Port Shepstone (a signboard indicating ‘Port Shepstone 100 is visible in one clip).

The incident happened on Saturday evening at around 19:40.

We’ve been driving behind the bus for about 5minutes before I started recording his reckless driving…

The bus was speeding down the hill in access of 120km/h cutting corners and narrowly avoiding head-on collisions with multiple vehicles before I started recording.

In the videos, you will find one motorist had to leave the roadway to avoid a head-on collision an another very narrowly escaped the same fate.”

This will be shared with the Road Traffic Management Corporation as well as SABOA!

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