SpeedFOX intelligently assists drivers to comply with speed regulations in varying road conditions through a semi-autonomous technology that reinforces positive driver behaviour leading to fewer accidents, no speeding fines, smoother driving, reduced fuel consumption, improved maintenance and safer roads.

SpeedFOX is able to deliver on the specific ISA regulations that are being made mandatory via the various governments worldwide.

Through differentiated thinking and cutting edge development and integration; SpeedFOX has been engineered to deliver a consistently safer road environment for everyone.

Whether you’re in the public transport industry, a courier company, fleet owner or a logistics company.

SpeedFOX offers a tailored speed control solution just for you!

We approached SpeedFox to gain more insights:

What are the expected savings for a fleet manager when installing intelligent speed assist (ISA) technology into their vehicles?

a. Savings come from lower fuel bills (8-10%)
b. Reduced accident costs,
c. No more speeding fines.
d. Savings on maintenance

How does ISA technology benefit an organisation with fleet vehicles?

a. Positive driver behaviour change
b. Improved safety and compliance (Speed policies are part of Health and Safety Policies, and ISO Standards)
c. Reduced CO2 emissions
d. Reduced wear and tear (tyres, brakes, engine)
e. Improved public opinion, as the vehicle is visibly safer on the roads
f. Savings on administration time to manage speeding exception reports, fine recovery from drivers and HR disciplinary processes

Does the driver have control of the vehicle?

a. YES. The driver is always in full control of the vehicle.
b. SpeedFOX never applies the brakes of the vehicle.
c. Push to Pass function allows the driver to overtake or exceed the speed limit if he needs to
d. When the driver takes his foot off the accelerator, the car will immediately slow down

Does the speed assist technology integrate with other fleet management technology?

a. It can. We have reporting integration to provide trip speed reports

Are there recommendations as to the size of the fleet to ensure affordability?

a. SpeedFOX enables savings per vehicle so even smaller fleets will benefit from savings
b. Light Delivery Vehicles have approx. 8-10 months cost recovery on a unit
c. Heavy vehicles can achieve cost recovery within 3-6 months

What reporting is delivered to the fleet manager?

a. SpeedFOX is customized to company-specific speed policies (Within the legal speed limits)
b. Reports are available for every point in the journey (1-sec intervals) showing full speed profiles
c. Journeys and speed profiles are visualized on a map for reporting and post-trip interactive analysis

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