You require the following:

  1. Valid driver’s licence from Zimbabwe to drive the code of vehicle you wish to drive in South Africa
  2. Valid Defensive Driving Certificate (endorsed on licence) which serves the same role in Zimbabwe as a PrDP does in South Africa
  3. A valid work permit (or ZEP) issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs
  4. Registration through your employer with the Bargaining Council (your Employer needs to be registered with the NBCRFLI)

Given the recent events in South Africa – it is highly unlikely that you will currently / easily find employment as a truck driver in South Africa.

In addition – the rules relating to this sphere of employment are under revision.

Additional Question:

So that defensive driving certificate is used in South Africa by Zim drivers as their “PDP”? They do not require a normal PDP as South African drivers?


That is correct as they hold ZIMBABWEAN licences and NOT South African licences. You cannot get a South African PrDP if you do not hold a valid South African driver’s licence.

Remember the legislation was really aimed at the Zimbabwean driver (or any other SADC driver for that matter) driving in South Africa temporarily (ie driving truck in and out) – not as a means to get work in South Africa for a local company.

They are NOT South African drivers.