The vehicles and equipment you’ll use for your construction company will depend on the types of projects you choose to undertake. In this article, you will get an idea of the heavy equipment that will be extremely useful for most projects. For the equipment you won’t be using too often, it will make financial sense to rent them, otherwise, the inventory of Babcock construction equipment has everything you will need.


Concrete and construction go hand-in-hand and without a concrete mixer, you’re really making work unnecessarily difficult for you and your team. Depending on the average size of your construction projects, you’ll either need a large mobile concrete mixer on the back of a truck or you will be able to use a smaller heavy-duty, mechanically fed, drum mixer.

Mixers allow you to produce your own batches of mixed concrete that can be transported directly to where it’s needed on the construction site. It’s also a money and time saver in this regard as you won’t have to rely on a concrete batch plant to deliver and you have the ability to control the quantity to exactly what is needed – no more, no less.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are handy in the construction business as there is usually a lot of earth-moving that happens and loads of material that needs to be removed. There are different types of dump trucks on the market that are all designed slightly differently to offer different solutions for a variety of construction sites.

  • Articulated dump trucks: Some of these larger vehicles are built to carry loads of up to 38 000 kg. They are commonly used in construction, infrastructure, quarry and mining sites and are designed to operate in tough environments.
  • Transfer dump trucks: These trucks pull separate trailers that carry moveable cargo containers.
  • Side-dump trucks: With a side-dump truck that easily dumps overboard, it’s one of the quickest dump trucks to unload. However, it generally has a smaller loading capacity than most standard dump trucks.

Soil compactors

When it comes to compacting ground materials for creating a stable and solid foundation for construction, soil compactors are the way to go. They can also be used to level out an area before overlaying concrete or other materials. Without a solid foundation to build upon, your construction projects are likely to fail or be unsafe. So when you consider pieces of construction equipment you really need, this one should be at the top of the list.


The two types of handlers you need to know about are the telescopic handlers and material handlers.

  • Telehandlers: Think of this machine as a forklift-type crane with a boom that can extend forward and upwards from the vehicle. There are different attachments that you can attach to the end of this boom in order for different functions to be carried out.
  • Material handlers: These handlers have a claw-type fitment on the end of the boom that allows them to pick up and move objects and materials.


If you have your dump truck ready and waiting to be used, you’re going to need a loader to load it up. Loaders are heavy vehicles with a bucket in the front that can gather up large quantities of excess material that needs to be moved or loaded onto the dump truck.

Wheeled loaders and backhoe loaders are the better-known types of loaders on the market. Wheeled loaders have only the bucket in the front and backhoe loaders with a bucket in the front and an excavator fitment in the back. Not many people will say no to a two-in-one deal such as the backhoe loader. But, again, it all depends on the type and scale of construction work your company ends up doing.


Excavators, also referred to as diggers, are used to remove materials from the ground and create a hole of sorts that will make space for the next step in the construction project. There are smaller compact excavators that are more than strong and stable enough to get the job done, but for larger and tougher construction projects, the crawler excavator is the popular choice.

Being able to complete a variety of tasks beyond simply digging holes, the excavator is a worthwhile investment when it comes to your construction equipment inventory.


If your construction company will be in the business of constructing roads or maintaining gravel roads, then having a grader in your construction vehicle shed will be ideal. They can even be used to grade the soil foundations for large building constructions. If you need to make a surface flat, then you need to use a grader vehicle.


Investing in mobile crane equipment will save you plenty of time, money and space on the construction site. Mobile cranes are convenient and barely require a setup, unlike tower cranes. They come in all shapes, sizes and attachments. But the crane itself is a crucial part of your construction equipment.

Lifting, lowering and transporting construction materials (sometimes even other pieces of equipment) is so much easier with crane equipment. And with all-terrain, rough terrain and truck cranes available in the mobile crane department, you’ll be able to find one perfectly suited to your constructing needs.