Joint Tactical Headquarters North West a unit responsible for all Operations in the North West province under the command of Officer Commanding Colonel M.J. Ramakatsa, has been giving operational support to the deployed Umzimbuvu Regiment which is under the command of Major J. Nzimande.

The Military Police officials at Gopane Operational base received a tip-off from a reliable source that a white truck with Gauteng Province registration number plate will use Skilpadhek Port of

Entry to get into the Republic of South Africa from Botswana and drive through the direction of Radikhudu village along the N4 road to Zeerust then to Gauteng.

The members on rest at Gopane Operational base were used as a reaction force to conduct a patrol (Vehicle checkpoint) closer to Radikhudu village at midnight. South African National Defence Force members stopped the truck and found boxes of illicit cigarettes. The truck was escorted to Gopane Operational base to conduct investigations and questioning. The Skilpadhek Port of Entry South African Police Service and South African Revenue Services Customs were then contacted to come to Gopane Operational Base. The driver of the truck who is a Zambian national confirmed that two South African Police Service members were escorting the truck in uniform using their personal private vehicle. Investigation concerning those members will be made by the South African Police Service.

Deployed Umzimbuvu Regiment has achieved huge success on South Africa and Botswana borderline (Operation CORONA) by confiscating smuggled contraband (Cigarettes) which were boxes of Dunhill, Marlboro and Peter Stuyvesant worth R1 353 762.24, The truck is worth R400 000.00.

This success, and achievement, indeed has boosted the morale of our South African National Defence Force to even work harder as the festive season is in a few weeks to come. Our members might be away from the comfort of their homes due to their commitment to serve our country and from the success, they have achieved since the beginning of the deployment till to date indeed showed the Joint Tactical Headquarters North West Officer Commanding Colonel M.J Ramakatsa and the staff members that they are committed and willing to execute their task as expected.

The Officer Commanding Joint Tactical Headquarters North West Colonel M.J Ramakatsa congratulated the Company Commander of Umzimbuvu Regiment Major J. Nzimande, Intelligence Officer, Military Police Commander, and the entire deployed troop at Gopane Operational base for such outstanding work and the reaction speed they have depicted. Umzimbuvu Regiment is encouraged to continue doing a good work and to do so for the duration of their deployment.

Article and Photographs underneath by Joint Operations Tactical Headquarters North West.