MBSA has been a proud supporter of Trucking Wellness for many years. In 2009, this support was entrenched through the formation of a long-term partnership, which aims to significantly increase and strengthen the work of Trucking Wellness in targeted areas. The objective is to create a platform for encouraging a healthy lifestyle amongst commercial vehicle drivers whose skills and expertise are in short supply. The focus is on the health, safety and wellness of drivers, managers and other employees, which ultimately benefits whole communities through improved health and economic activity.

The main objectives and activities of the project are:
• Profiling of the project
• Participate in the MBSA value chain to MBSA customers
• Facilitate driver wellness through the MBSA professional Driver Training Programme
• Strengthen relationships with government national and provincial departments of health
• Quality improvement of the healthcare provided through the roadside and mobile Wellness Centres.

Driver Training

MBSA has included a module on wellness/health seeking behaviour/disease prevention/basic disease information into the driver training facilitated at MBSA in Zwartkop, South Africa. The module also includes information on Trucking Wellness and the services offered at the 22 roadside Wellness Centres. Each truck driver attending the MBSA Driver Training receives a booklet and a document folder with information on disease prevention, as well as a map of the Trucking Wellness Centres for healthcare assistance when required.

One of the key advantages of the Driver Training Programme is that truck drivers receive basic accuratecand appropriate wellness and disease prevention information. They are informed and motivated about the advantages of health screening and early diagnosis of diseases such as HIV. Further, they receive accurate information on where to seek assistance with any health-related issues they may encounter in a non-discriminatory environment where their privacy will be maintained, and confidentiality upheld.

The most important aspect of the training is that truck drivers receive insight into the value of their health on the road in the short term, which will help them to stay employed in the long term.

Fleet Owner Workplace Wellness Programme

In 2015, Trucking Wellness made the decision to revamp a number of Roadside Clinics throughout South Africa. These newly revamped Clinics have aided in providing improved healthcare to our valued members and have been reconfigured to be more convenient, effective and efficient. The following Clinics were upgraded during the year under review:

The Colesburg (Northern Cape) N1 Wellness Centre, which is situated at the Shell Ultra City, 5km outside of Colesburg was revamped and re-opened on 7 September 2015. After the upgrade of the Hanover (Eastern Cape) N1 Clinic, it was re-opened on 15 October 2015. This Clinic can be found at the Excel Truck Stop in Hanover.

The Epping (Western Cape) N1 Clinic, which is situated at Shell Truck Stop at 7 Bofors Circle, Epping 2, Cape Town was moved to Engen 1 stop, Winelands 1 Stop, N1 National Road, Joostenbergvlakte, Kraaifontein, Cape Town and was re-opened on 17 November 2015.

The Musina (N3) Wellness Centre, which was established in 2003 is situated at the Gateway Truck Stop, Beit Bridge, Border Post, Musina. This Wellness Centre was also upgraded during 2015
and re-opened on 12 August 2015.

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