The Road Freight Association (RFA) condemns the attacks on transporters across the country. These are uncalled for – irrespective of the concerns or complaints of the various parties perpetrating this violent attack on the logistics industry.

The Association, with its Union Partners through the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight & Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI,) has availed itself on numerous occasions to solve the issues – has supplied the solutions and has committed itself not to engage in activity that has given rise to this state of affairs. Members are bound to this through the Core Code and are unfairly attacked and targeted by elements who have a dubious agenda.

The agenda is NOT foreign drivers. Is there a wider agenda here – common criminality with the aim to destabilise the country? We call on the President to focus the security resources at his disposal to counter, prevent and prosecute those who would destroy South Africa.

The Departments of Home Affairs and Labour need to exercise their mandate to ensure the laws of the country are complied with. The SA Police (SAPS) needs to gather intelligence, identify those who incite violence and investigate and prosecute those who do. This needs to end NOW!!

By Gavin Kelly – Chief Executive Officer: The Road Freight Association