In a remarkable display of efficiency and expertise, Ctrack’s Recovery Team swiftly retrieved a hijacked vehicle and apprehended suspects, ensuring the safety of the driver and minimizing losses for the client. The immediate response and coordinated efforts of Ctrack’s team resulted in a positive outcome.

Upon receiving the distress call, the Ctrack Risk Coordinator acted promptly and dispatched Ctrack’s highly trained Recovery Team to the precise GPS location of the vehicle. The Team wasted no time and efficiently pinpointing the vehicle location and with constant communication between Ctrack, the Recovery Team, and the client, all parties remained fully informed throughout the operation.


The vehicle was recovered but the trailer load was already removed. By using Ctrack’s telematics data to backtrack the vehicle’s previous locations and stops, suspicious behaviour was identified and an area of interest was pinpointed to which the ground team and authorities were led. There they were able to successfully secure a portion of the load and apprehended five suspects involved in the incident. The client was immediately informed of this significant development. Furthermore, the team’s thorough investigation of the area and surroundings led them to an illegal drug operation nearby, where the additional stolen cargo was recovered, further highlighting their dedication to retrieving the client’s assets.

All five suspects involved in the incident were apprehended by the Ground Team, displaying their professionalism and commitment to resolving the situation. The team then efficiently loaded the recovered cargo back onto the vehicle. Under the guidance of the Ctrack Risk Coordinator, the operation was expertly managed, and the team returned safely to the base, marking the successful conclusion of the recovery mission.

“At Ctrack, our utmost priority is the safety and security of our clients and their valuable assets,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa. “We take immense pride in the rapid and effective response of our Ground Team in this incident. Leveraging our cutting-edge telematics solutions and a highly skilled team, we ensure exceptional outcomes for our clients during critical situations.”

As a leading telematics provider, Ctrack remains committed to providing superior fleet management solutions, employing state-of-the-art technologies and a dedicated team to mitigate risks and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ctrack continues to set industry standards in comprehensive fleet risk management.

Note: due to this case being an ongoing criminal investigation, the company and persons involved are withheld.