Police in Northam has arrested 7 suspects after they were allegedly found transporting suspected stolen copper cables along the Middeldrift-Koedosdorp road on Monday, 23 January 2023.

Police received information about suspects who were driving in a white Ford Ranger bakkie, believed to be responsible for the theft of copper cables from the local farm on Sunday, 22 January 2023 at about 21:00.
A tactical joint operation in collaboration with farmers was conducted in the area and subsequently, the motor vehicle fitting the description given was spotted and tactically stopped by the Police.

The motor vehicle with four male occupants was searched and Police found copper cables and the four could not account for their origin. The four suspects were immediately arrested for possession of the suspected stolen property.
In the process, the owner of the farm arrived at the scene and positively identified the stolen copper cables.
Preliminary investigations revealed that the copper cables were destined to be sold at Northam RDP Section and Police proceeded to the said place.

Upon arrival, police found a 42-year-old woman believed to be the buyer of the copper with two other males in possession of various bags containing newly stripped copper cables, bathroom taps, and Transnet copper wires. Ultimately, the woman admitted that she was illegally dealing with copper cables and the trio was immediately placed under arrest.

Further police investigations may possibly positively link the suspects with a series of burglaries committed in the area following the theft of taps, copper pipes, air conditioners, copper pipes, and crop circle motors.
The suspects aged between 29 and 46 will appear before the Northam Magistrate court soon facing charges of possession of stolen property valued at R250,000.

Police investigations are continuing.