Today we published the new market report Consumer Asset Tracking Solutions from Berg Insight which analyses the latest developments on the family and child tracking, pet tracking, vehicle tracking and general asset tracking market in Europe and North America. This study provides you with 170 pages of unique business intelligence, including 5-year industry forecasts, expert commentary and real-life case studies on which to base your business decisions.

The market can be divided into four main categories based on asset type – family and child tracking, pet tracking, vehicle tracking and general asset tracking. The vehicle category can be further divided into cars; motorcycles and mopeds; bicycles; caravans and motor caravans; leisure boats; and other consumer vehicles including ATVs and snowmobiles.

The general asset tracking segment includes any type of asset, such as bags and luggage, keys, wallets, clothes, electronics, tools and sports equipment. Since the focus of the report is on products and solutions aimed for consumers, solutions developed and sold exclusively for business customers are excluded.

The market potential for consumer asset tracking is huge. In Europe and North America, there are 70 million children aged 4–10 years old, which is the typical age group for kids GPS watches, 350 million dogs and cats, 500 million passenger cars and 135 million other consumer vehicles. Overall, the penetration rate of GPS tracking products is currently less than one percent. The largest consumer asset tracking segments today based on the installed base are car tracking, children’s GPS watches and pet tracking.

Berg Insight estimates that the installed base of active consumer asset tracking devices in Europe and North America reached 11.2 million at the end of 2021. Growing at a CAGR of 20.4 percent the number of units in active use is estimated to reach 28.3 million units. The market value is forecasted to grow from € 1.4 billion in 2021 to € 3.7 billion in 2026.

Leading providers of family tracking and parental control services include US-based Smith Micro Software and Life360. Smith Micro offers white-label solutions to mobile network operators (MNOs) and now has contracts with all three major operators in the US. Major providers of children’s GPS watches include Xplora Technologies in Europe and Verizon in North America. Smartcom Mobility Solutions is a leading platform provider for children’s GPS watches and other consumer asset tracking segments, used by several MNOs and manufacturers in the US and Europe.

The pet tracking market is dominated by Austria-based Tractive, whose subscriber base now has grown to several hundreds of thousands. In North America, the main providers of pet tracking solutions are Fi, Whistle Labs, Halo and Wagz. The two latter companies offer combined pet tracking and pet containment solutions.

The market for passenger car tracking solutions sold to consumers is led by Verizon, Mojio, Harman and Modus in North America and Ryd, Springworks International, Net4Things in Europe. Although OEM telematics is increasingly common within the automotive industry, there is still a growing interest in aftermarket telematics solutions. The main providers of GPS tracking and vehicle recovery solutions for motorcycles and mopeds in Europe include Datatool (Scorpion Automotive), Monimoto and BikeTrac.

A few companies provide tracking solutions developed specifically for caravans, leisure boats and other consumer vehicles. Europe-based Sensario, Sentinel Marine Solutions and Vetel and US-based Siren Marine offer solutions developed for leisure boats. General purpose tracking solutions and solutions developed for other types of vehicles are often used to serve these segments as well. Along with the booming market for electric bicycles, the market for GPS trackers for e-bicycles and other high-value bicycles is growing rapidly. The market is today led by European companies such as IoT Venture, PowUnity, ConnectLab, Haveltec and BikeFinder. Trackimo, Invoxia, LandAirSea are well-known providers of general purpose tracking devices.

This report will allow you to:

Benefit from 30 new executive interviews with market leading companies.

Identify key players on the European and North American consumer asset tracking market.

Learn about the latest propositions from family and child locator service providers.

Understand the opportunities and challenges on the vehicle tracking market.

Anticipate future drivers for uptake of pet tracking solutions.

Predict future trends in the consumer asset tracking market.

Profit from regional market forecasts by segment lasting until 2026.

This report answers the following questions:

What is the potential for LPWA connectivity in the consumer asset tracking market?

Which are the main growth drivers in Europe and North America?

What are the challenges and roadblocks towards widespread adoption?

Which are the leading providers of consumer asset tracking solutions?

What are the business models and channels-to-market?

What is the current status of the pet tracking market in these regions?

What is the potential market size for consumer vehicle tracking solutions?

How can aftermarket solution providers compete with OEMs?

How will each of the asset tracking categories evolve in the next five years?

Analyst: Martin Backman

Formats: PDF + Excel user licenses

Publication date: May 25, 2022

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Pages: 170

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