Different role-players of Mangaung Metro District JOINTS took part in a multi-disciplinary crime combating operation on Friday 26 May 2023. Various components of the South African Police Service such as Visible Policing Unit, Tactical Response Team, Crime Intelligence and the Department of Correctional Service, Department of Home Affairs, Mangaung Metro Law Enforcement personnel from Traffic and Solid Waste Management arrived in the Southern Landfill Site for a police raid.

The temporary structures erected in the site were searched and in one of them twelve (12) full Mandrax tablets and nine (9) bankies of Chrystal Meth were found. The 31-year-old female living inside the illegal dwelling was then arrested for possession of drugs. The 48-year-old male was also arrested for selling liquor without being duly registered to do so under the Free State Gambling and Liquor Act. The police then confiscated 14 250 millilitres of beer. Fourteen (14) undocumented persons; ten (10) males and four (4) females aged between 18 and 45 were found living in the Landfill Site and were arrested.

The police also found a 12.5 kilograms mealie-meal bag full of dried leaves of dagga abandoned. Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Sony laptops and cellphones were also found inside the dwellings during the search. Copper material was also recovered and seized by the police.

Different case dockets were opened at Kagisanong Police Station and the suspects detained in police custody. The suspects will appear in Bloemfontein Magistrate Court soon.