The Freedom of Mobility Forum, launched by Stellantis and facilitated by Wavestone as a neutral third-party, today announced the seven members of its advisory board. The Freedom of Mobility Forum Advisory Board is composed of diverse, multicultural and cross-disciplinary individuals from different regions of the world.

Its members have been invited to join based on their high level of expertise, achievements and commitment to constructive and fact-based approaches with one key objective: foster an open discussion on topics related to climate change and mobility in various cultural contexts.

(Name/Sector Representing/Current Professional Role):

Massimo Ciuffini, Civil Society
Head of Mobility, Foundation for Sustainable Development

Sobel Aziz Ngom, Youth
Co-founder and Executive Director, Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal (CJS)
Global Leadership Council of Generation Unlimited

François Gemenne, Climate / Economics Experts
Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Senior Researcher, University of Liège (Belgium)

Jaehak Oh, Public Institutions
President, Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)
President, Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS)

Kristina Lund, Energy Providers
President & CEO, AES Utilities

Carlos Tavares, Mobility Providers
CEO, Stellantis

Reema Nanavaty, Labor / Social Change
Director, Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)
Member of the High Level Global Commission on the Future of Work, International Labor Organization (ILO)

* Advisory Board Co-Chair

The Advisory Board’s role mainly consists of:

Proposing an overall strategic framework to establish the Freedom of Mobility Forum as a global reference
Selecting the topic of the year, an issue related to a key aspect of freedom of mobility in a decarbonized world
Identifying thought leaders and influential experts to participate as debaters
Additional information, including Advisory Board members biographies, is available on the Freedom of Mobility Forum’s online platform:

2023 Freedom of Mobility Forum
The first edition of the Freedom of Mobility Forum public debate is scheduled for March 29, 2023, at 2:30 p.m. CET / 8:30 a.m. EST. The digital event will feature a circle of debaters who will share a 360-degree and fact-based approach to preserving freedom of mobility for society in the face of global warming implications.

Beyond ideology, the annual debate leverages an interdisciplinary and research-informed approach, integrating all relevant dimensions of freedom of mobility: social, economic, physical, and environmental. The outcomes of each Forum, including actionable next steps for stakeholders to implement in their respective disciplines, will be published on the Forum’s online platform. This platform will also be a source of information and curated content published in between the annual editions of the Forum. To follow the Forum, please visit