The number of entries into the Fleet Safety Awards 2023 has already surpassed the entries from last year. All organisations and individuals that would still like to enter the Fleet Safety Awards should do so without haste. There is only 13 days until the entries for the first round close.

Entry into the first round of the Awards only takes approximately two minutes to complete. The greatest advantage is that once you submit this entry, MasterDrive will contact you in three to five days to confirm your progression into the second round. This round is more extensive where the information supplied during the first round is expanded on and supporting documents submitted.

The sooner one enters the first round, the longer there is to complete the second round. Thus, make the most of the 13 days left to enter the Awards and give yourself an advantage to take time over the information you supply for the judges to score your fleet safety strategy.

The first round of entries closes on 18 July 2023. Following that, entrants progressing to the next round will have just two weeks to complete their entries if they have not done so yet. Thus, waste no more time and follow this link to find out more about the new categories and submit your entry.

Best Truck Stop to be honoured

One of the new categories that fleets containing heavy commercial vehicles can nominate, is the Best Truck Stop Awards. An aspect of road safety that many do not often look at as an integral part, is the availability of safe truck stops that provide to the needs to drivers.

Drivers on long-distance trips often need to find a safe place to rest overnight. This is not simply a dusty parking lot but somewhere that provides to the basic needs to drivers. There needs to be healthy and decent food, security for drivers and their loads, clean ablution facilities, refill stations and various other provisions for drivers.

Consequently, the Best Truck Stop Category was introduced to the 2023 Awards to recognise rest stops that go above and beyond to provide to the wellness and safety of truckers stopping for breaks.

If you are a fleet manager or driver that knows of a truck stop that fits this profile, give them the recognition they deserve for commitment to delivering on a valid and much needed means for road safety to be promoted.

To nominate a truck stop, you need to first enter either Best Fleet Manager, Best Company or Road Warrior. Once you complete this, ensure to nominate your preferred truck stop before 18 July 2023. Road safety requires commitment from various sectors, including truck stops.