The Arrive Alive website received dashcam footage of a truck driver driving dangerously just before Richards Bay on Sunday the 16 July 2017 at midday, driving on the N2 Highway from North to South. The report received reads as follows:

“This huge truck was being driven so dangerously at high speed (although it had an “80” sign at the back of the trailer) that I started videoing all the transgressions. There are many cars, taxis and trucks on this section of road with 80 km restrictions in some places, as this is a very dangerous section, yet this driver chose to ignore everything.

The payload was also unstable, seemed to be top heavy and had shifted, which could be seen from behind.

The Cab had a logo: “X……X” and the registration number at the back was: PKV 958 GP. The PKV bit is a bit faint on the video, but I’m sure this potential killer could be traced.

Please excuse some of the language in the video, sorry.

I would like to stay anonymous as you don’t know how the Owners may react.

Just think this person should have his licence revoked before another tragedy like Fields Hill happens where 25 people lost their lives in a taxi when a truck went right over them…

Thank you for your dedication to Arrive Alive.”

Videos Received:

It is important that remove lawless and reckless drivers from our roads! This information can not only help traffic authorities such as the RTMC but also benefit truck operators and fleet managers to remove reckless drivers through disciplinary processes. We have found that truck owners are very responsive when receiving such evidence. They are aware of the risks not only to other road users but also to their own equipment and the cargo it carries for clients!

We would like to invite road users to send such evidence to the Arrive Alive Road Safety Website!

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