The Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime investigation resulted in a search and seizure operation targeting counterfeit goods at Truck Zone in Alrode near Alberton on Wednesday, 22 November 2022.

The said premises along Weyer road have been on the Hawks radar for some time after they were put under surveillance.

The integrated search and seizure operation was carried out with Addams & Addams Attorneys representatives. Pallets of counterfeit 3M industrial masking tapes predominantly used in the trucking industry were seized. They were uncovered in the warehouse. The illicit trade is a contravention of the Counterfeit goods Act and Intellectual property rights Act.

No arrests were affected at this stage. The Hawks investigation continues.

The seized goods that are valued at a substantial amount of money have been inventoried, sealed, and escorted to a designated depot to be preserved as evidence in the anticipated criminal and civil proceedings.