In the financial year 2022/2023, the Border Management Authority (BMA) was incubated within the Department of Home Affairs as a special branch. As such, the Authority exited the incubation on 31 March 2023 and from the 1st of April 2023 was established as a schedule 3(A) public entity within the Public Financial Management Act, 1999. Therefore, the BMA was established as a single authority with a single command and control to enhance security and management of the border environment, covering air, sea and land ports of entry. The BMA will ensure better coordination between government entities in order to protect our borders and the country’s sovereignty.

Working under one framework, the BMA will ensure an integrated response that delivers effective and efficient border management. The Authority will handle all aspects of border law enforcement covering border control, immigration, agricultural, environmental and port health functions at the border law enforcement area and the port of entry.

The BMA will operate through the border guards to protect ports of entry and later the coast guards to secure the country’s territorial waters.

At this point, South Africa has 72 official ports of entry, predominantly located adjacent to our six neighbouring countries of which each one of them would have a single Port Commander responsible for the implementation of the five key work-streams of immigration, port health, environment, agriculture and access control. Whilst BMA performs the five key functions, the principal organs of state retain their policy and legislative responsibilities on each stream.

In performing these functions, the BMA would have to coordinate its functions with other organs of state such as SARS, SAPS, the SANDF, including border communities.

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