You’ve done it. You’ve started a business and it’s actually working. And, while it’s an incredible feeling to know that you’re rocking the entrepreneurial world and making your own rules… You’re also dealing with organised chaos.

There are good days when you confidently take on new challenges, forge new relationships and manage an endless string of ‘to dos’. And then, there are bad days. When the stress piles up and you feel overwhelmed. This can cause you to make bad decisions and threaten the success of your business.

Here are 4 simple but powerful strategies to help you combat this stress, so that you can stay calm and clear while you carry on building your empire.

List it all, from a – z

Considering every angle and thinking about every little thing that must be done all on your own or without any help will result in layers of physical and mental stress building, until you start dropping serious business balls.

That’s why you need to break down all the deadlines, events, meetings, goals and commitments, and list them in whatever app/calendar/diary/white board works for you. This way, you’ll be prepared to tackle each priority as it comes.

Take control

As a business owner, you start off with a good idea of what you can control and this keeps the stress at bay. As time goes on and your business grows, what you can control changes. So, you need to keep evaluating and defining your priorities.

This means setting your intentions for each day or project so that you stop wasting time on what’s not working and deliberately focus on what will bring success for your business.

Essentially, you’ll be able to focus your energy on what’s in your control and not get sucked into tasks and agendas that aren’t crucial to running your business.


Unless you work in an actual circus, there must be some area of your daily work environment where you can snatch a few moments of silence. Take 5 minutes to clear your mind, practice breathing exercises, and drink water. Then you can confidently plunge yourself into the rest of the task at hand with a clear head.

While this is a good short-term plan, you also need to be intentional about longer periods of rest so that you can recharge and give your best to your venture. Review your year and plan spots of downtime, whether it’s hiking in the Drakensberg, hitting up a spa in Magaliesberg, or lounging on the beach.

Insure your business

Nothing drives your stress through the roof and your business to the ground like a major disaster. You know, an electricity outage interrupting day-to-day operations, floods damaging your stock, a fire in your premises, or being sued.

Manage your stress by insuring your business against the wide range of risks that threaten its existence on a daily basis. Before you sign on any dotted lines, make sure to shop around and get quotes from top insurers. For instance, King Price has launched business insurance for small-to-medium businesses, which is both affordable and comprehensive.

They offer you access to an expert business insurance team who will  work with your broker to help you get the exact cover that you need. And, if you don’t have a broker, they’ll help you find 1 that’s best suited to you.

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